Glitter ban! Nurseries and schools join the fight against microplastics.

Glitter Ban biodegradable glitter

In a move that has brought a huge amount of attention to the fight against microplastics, a group of nurseries in Southern England has made the decision to ban glitter from their Christmas craft activities this year. 

If you're worried that this means the end of Christmas sparkle, fear not! Wild Glitter bio-glitter is a biodegradable alternative to the plastic stuff, and it's here to put the twinkle back into your Christmas crafts! 

Wild Glitter is based on a film made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. It looks and behaves just like plastic glitter, but it's much kinder to the environment. As well as being biodegradable, it is also cosmetic grade and antimony-free, unlike most craft glitters.

To hear more about the glitter ban and Wild Glitter biodegradable glitter, listen in to the Breakfast Show with Vanessa Feltz on BBC Radio London, where we were asked to talk about Wild Glitter in response to the Nursery glitter ban (we're on at 1:36)!

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