Eco-friendly packaging for all our biodegradable glitter is LIVE!

Biodegradable Glitter Wild Glitter Bioglitter plastic free packaging

Since we started Wild Glitter in 2017, making the move to plastic free packaging has been top of our agenda. Unfortunately, as a small start up the cost of plastic free packaging was prohibitive unless we could afford to order large quantities, which at the time we couldn't.

Fast forward a year, and in honour of Plastic Free July we're over the moon to announce the launch of our all new eco-friendly packaging, as well as our brand new Superchunky Bioglitter, and a whole new colour - peony purple biodegradable glitter!

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Wild Glitter, and we've done our best to be as environmentally friendly as possible when considering our packaging choices. We faced several conundrums - customers liked being able to see the biodegradable glitter in the packet, especially if they were ordering one of our rainbow glitter packs, but we couldn't use glass jars because most festivals won't allow them on site. 

So here's the solution we came up with, that we hope will make everyone happy: all our biodegradable glitter will now be packed in recyclable aluminium tins with paper labels instead of vinyl ones. The labels will correspond to the colour of the bioglitter and the grade of the glitter (fine, chunky or superchunky) will be printed on the label.

To be totally transparent, we still have one tiny bit of plastic packaging that we couldn't overcome yet (but rest assured that we're working on it), and this is the EPE lid liner in our large pots of glitter. Without it, glitter goes everywhere when you open the pot - for some reason the small pots are fine without one, so if you're trying to go totally plastic free we suggest you opt for those!

When it comes to postal packaging, we have been plastic free for some time. All our boxes are made from recyclable cardboard and sealed with paper tape, and our packing shred is made from recycled paper.

To celebrate Plastic Free July, and our new plastic free packaging, we'll be giving away one small pick and mix 5 pack of biodegradable glitter. You can enter on Facebook or Instagram - all you have to do is like our original giveaway posts on either platform (here for Facebook, here for Instagram). Winners will be drawn on Friday 20th July.

Happy Plastic Free July to all you glitter lovers - we look forward to seeing your beautiful glittery faces over this festival season! Don't forget to tag any of your pictures with #wildglitter or tage @wildglitterstore on Instagram