about Wild gitter

Our biodegradable glitter story

Hello, I'm Olivia, the founder and head Glitterbug at Wild Glitter.

I started Wild Glitter in 2017 after realising with horror during a post-festival shower that my love of covering myself in glitter was ultimately putting a load of unnecessary plastic into the environment 

I started researching alternatives to plastic glitter, and happily found my way to Bioglitter®. After hastily designing some labels and ordering some pots, I had launched Wild Glitter within a month!

Wild Glitter is a small, independent company. A lot of the time it's just me wearing all the hats, with a small team of lovely glitterbugs supporting me when things get busy! 

The Microplastics Problem

Wild Glitter is based on the North Cornwall Coast, and so sadly we see the effect of microplastics first hand.

Our local beach is strewn with a rainbow of microplastic particles along the shoreline, and a daily walk along the beach provides constant motivation to keep on with our mission to raise awareness about microplastics through spreading sparkle.

About our Biodegradable Glitter

We only sell Bioglitter®, the world's leading eco friendly glitter.

Bioglitter® is Independently tested by OWS Belgium, to ISO14851 Fresh Water Biodegradability and proven to biodegrade highly in the natural environment. 87% of the biodegradable glitter biodegrades within 28 days, and they're working hard on the remaining 3%.

Unlike traditional plastic glitter, the glitter core is based on a special modified regenerated cellulose technology unique to Bioglitter® derived from ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials.

Bioglitter® is globally cosmetic compliant including EC regulation 1223/2009 and FDA Title 21 Cosmetic Regulations.