Biodegradable Glitter Gift Set Add-On

Biodegradable Glitter Gift Set Add-On

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Biodegradable Glitter Gift Set Add-on.

Magically turn your biodegradable glitter order into a gift set with our unique biodegradable glitter gift set add-ons! You have the option of a gift bag only, or a gift bag and Aloe Gel Base set.

Please note that this product is designed as an add-on, and doesn’t include any glitter.

Handmade cotton gift bags

Go plastic free with our unique, handmade gift bags. You have the choice of four different designs, each printed on a 100% cotton drawstring bag. Bag dimensions are 150mm x 200mm, meaning that you can use them to hold your biodegradable glitter collection as you build it.

Wild Glitter Aloe Gel Base 

Our 100% natural Aloe Vera gel base can be used as a glitter glue, or mixed with your glitter to create your own custom glitter gel mixes. It’s a gentle way to stick your glitter to your skin, and washes off easily with warm water and a flannel. 
Each pot contains 15g of gel.