Biodegradable Glitter Large Full Range - Wild Glitter Bioglitter® Multipack

Biodegradable Glitter Large Full Range - Wild Glitter Bioglitter® Multipack

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Cosmetic Biodegradable Glitter 

This is the mama of all biodegradable glitter multipacks - our full range of Bioglitter®: 21 large pots of our Biodegradable Glitter, 7 different colours and 3 different grades. Perfect for glitter lovers the world over!

Festival glitter

Sparkle responsibly with Wild Glitter’s biodegradable, vegan, eco-friendly Bioglitter® pick and mix multipack. Wild Glitter Bioglitter® is certified for cosmetic use, as well as being perfect for your craft glitter needs, so you can use it for your festival faces as well as your outfits!

Wedding Glitter Bar

Our full range multipack is perfect for setting up your DIY wedding glitter bar - just pop a mirror up and add some brushes and aloe vera, and Bob's your Uncle! 

Eco Friendly Glitter

Our environmentally friendly glitter is made from sustainably forested wood pulp, and complies with FDA and EU biodegradability standards. Bioglitter needs the presence of microbes to biodegrade, and will not break down on your skin or in the packet. 

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, so all of our biodegradable glitter comes packaged in recyclable aluminium pots with paper labels, packed with recycled paper shred in recyclable card packaging.